TECNO Consulting Group

Tecno Consulting Group

Tecno Consulting Group (TCG) consists of consultants who specialize in small and medium-sized technology companies. All group members have long experience in demanding metal industry positions and in consulting engineering workshops.

We focus on improving our customers’ competitiveness.
We see the Total Productivity as a sum of: Products + Production + Economic Value

Group members

Jouni Juuti

PhD Jouni Juuti

- Productivity improvement -

Jouni Juuti (Doctor, Industrial Engineering and Management) is a specialist who knows the right approaches to the removal of root causes that decrease overall efficiency and competitiveness as well as to the approach to productivity improvement. In his projects, cost awareness has been improved by using the Activity Based Accounting (ABC) principles at many enterprises.

Petri Merisaari

M.Sc. Petri Merisaari

- Business planning ja strategy -

Petri Merisaari (M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering) is specialized in business planning and strategy work support with technology companies. Petri has also implemented a number of projects dealing with the development of enterprise networks, productivity, operational processes and production technology.

Hannu Villanen

M.Sc. Hannu Villanen

- Processes and ways of work -

Hannu Villanen (M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering) has the talent to simplify processes and ways of work and to apply, for example, Lean or Bottleneck control to create true value for the enterprise. Hannu knows how to train the enterprise personnel in improving methods, quality systems and procedures in a hands-on way.

Jukka Tiihonen

M.Sc. Jukka Tiihonen

- Wages and salaries -

Jukka Tiihonen (M.Sc. Engineering) is specialized in wages and salaries, bonus systems and employment matters. Jukka has implemented several projects dealing with rewarding bonus and salary systems in companies. Jukka is also training employment matters for supervisors and managers in English and is advising companies in employment matters.

Jorma Taijonlahti

M.Sc. Jorma Taijonlahti

- Product development -

Jorma has outstanding experience in technology coaching. His special interests are: product mix development, product launch activities, modular constructions, R&D and flexible sheet metal manufacturing methodologies. Jorma has strong international praxis in developing companies, products and processes to succeed stories.